I have a contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This contest is a online only contest.

How to play:

1. You will tell me what is your favorites.  (Favorite Food, Color, Toy, etc.)

2. I will randomly pick 1 person. That person will get a avatar that says:

My Schedule;

1. Eat

2. Sleep

3. What ever their favorite is.



1. All Entries must be submitted by October 29th at Midnight.

2. I will randomly pick at 5 pm EST October 30th.

3. The winner will be revealed on October 31st.

Prize Packages:

Also with the winner, the 2nd place and  3rd place prizes have been thought of and they are.

Winner’s prize:

1. A account on AGFE.

2. The opportunity to do a story with me.

3. Interview on here.

4. A avatar

5. A thank you for participating picture from my dolls.

2nd prize:

1. Account on AGFE

2. Interview on here

3. A thank you for participating picture from my dolls.

3rd prize:

1. Interview on here.

2. A 3rd place ribbon with Alex.


Bonus Contest:


1. This Bonus Contest is open to anyone who loves taking pictures.

2. The theme is: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Combined.

3. Same Rules apply to above.


5 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. Can I still enter? My favorite food is french fries. My favorite colors are Blue and lime green. My favorite book is THE ROMEO AND JULIET CODE By Phobe Stone, and the Willow Falls Series by Wendy Mass ( 11 BIRTHDAYS, FINALLY, 13 GIFTS and now THE LAST PRESENT.) Bye! ~Leah

  2. Okay. Sorry! 😦 I’ll try to tell more people about your site, like on other sites in in person. I’ll be sure to tell all my friends about it! 🙂 ~Leah

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