October- Everyone’s Celebrating! Week

From October 6th-October 12th, we are asking that you come on this blog every day that week to join the festivities and I would encourage you to follow.  We are going to do 1 festivity a day.

October 6th- What you like about fall…

Tell what you like about fall on the post.

October 7th- A festive fall craft

October 8th- Members of AGFMB interviews

October 9th- Comment Race

A game that involves you being on a lot..

October 10th- Music

Come on here with a mind for music

October 11th- Sports game

You tell about your favorite sport and we’ll play a game.

October 12th- Ultimate Silly Saturdays

October 13th- A special contest……….


Silly Saturdays 1

We are going to play a game called “Silly Saturdays!”

How to play:

1. Every Saturday I will load a game (Would you Rather?, Bingo, Finish the Sentence or Blog/ Comment Tag), I will give instructions before we start every game.

2. Just LOOK at this post


Today’s game: Would you Rather?

How to play WYR:

1. You just answer the questions in the comments.

2. I’m going to start with 2 and I will continue with more in the comments


Now for the game:

WYR- Have a fairy godmother or a talking cheeseburger?

WYR- Have 15 kids or 1 kid?

The Comment Game

How to Play:

1. You make a comment abut anything

2. The next person has to make a different comment

3. The next person then makes the same comment as the 1st person was talking about, but you can’t reply to the 1st or 2nd person. (That person is added onto the 1st person’s team)

It repeats..

Until a person reaches 10 team members:



Jackie: I love AG!

Coolgirlsforever : I play the flute, please pray that’ll do well in my band concert.

Exemplar (Now on Jackie’s team) : I like AG too! What’s your favorite doll? 

Examplar1 (Now on Coolgirlsforever’s team): I will, CGF 


Have fun and it is starting now!



This is my second blog!

I thought I would choose this blog to talk about American Girl Dolls.

I have 5 dolls:


Nicole (JLY 23)




Alex (MYAG 39)!

About the owner:

My name is Jackie, I am a 12 year old Athlete and Musician. I LOVE American Girl Dolls and enjoy the,